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If you can breathe YOU CAN DO YOGA! Often when considering whether to take a class people are concerned that they won't be able to do yoga because they are not flexible, they don't have balance, they weigh too much, they are too old, too busy, have an injury or a chronic health challenge. All of these are real concerns in daily life - but we can work on them together! You can do yoga! Sometimes people are hesitant because they won't know anyone in the class, they are concerned that because they haven't done yoga that everyone else in the class will be better at it, and so forth. I can promise that the Open Lotus classes are welcoming, small and friendly and not in any way intimidating. Clear instructions for all moves make it so easy to do yoga. Adaptations for health challenges are always offered. We want to "find your edge" so you can progress at your own pace, but not to feel any pain. The greatest benefits of yoga, and there are many, are building confidence, enhancing flexibility, good breathing, and balance, and everyone's favorite - stress relief. Yoga will compliment other activities that you may already be doing - running, biking, swimming, etc. because it uses different muscles and will stretch muscles made tight by other routines. It's a wonderful break from our busy world and it is FUN!

What would you like to know about beginning or strengthening a yoga practice? Is yoga right for you? Have you felt that because of one reason or another that you can't do yoga? My philosophy for teaching yoga means sharing useful information gathered through reading, through continuing my training with lessons with other teachers, through travel and daily practicing and trying new things. I love offering adaptations to traditional yoga poses to accommodate any life challenge.

Yoga for Cancer: If you have been recently diagnosed with Cancer or are in recovery, you may be interested in learning techniques to deal with stress and side effects. There is evidence based on clinical trials that yoga can help you manage and enjoy your life while you are dealing with Cancer. Also suitable for students experiencing other life threatening and/or chronic conditions.

Good reading:

Here's an easy home practice to get you started!

Here's an article written by my teacher, Carol Krucoff from Duke Integrative Medicine, published by AARP: 7 Ways to Ease into Yoga, An expert's guide on how to get started. And Carol had this article published on the Huffington Post - it's food for thought.

An an interview with another of my teachers, Ganga White, from White Lotus Foundation.

An article about evening practice (restorative yoga or sun salutations?) by Tracey Rich, also my White Lotus teacher.

Would you like to know more about how to release, create and celebrate through dance and movement?

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home practice
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New Orleans, LA Photo by Frank Holt Honolulu, Hawaii Photo by Jen Murphy

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I do not claim to have expertise in teaching yoga to animals, but your pets are welcome to join in during your private yoga sessions in your home! Cats and dogs seem to intuitively feel that the atmosphere is positively changed during and after a yoga session. See two peaceful, happy yoginis below:


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