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Open Lotus Yoga and Dance
Yoga is a holistic practice that encompasses body, mind and spirit - physical poses, breathing and meditation - and is suitable for all ages, but often accommodations need to be made for our changing bodies and circumstances. Open Lotus classes can vary, but most often include 45 minutes of gentle Vinyasa flow practice* and 15 minutes of relaxation with mindfulness meditation, and can include discussion about specific challenges the students are facing, and possible solutions tailored for them as needed. If you are dealing with a physical limitation or have been away from exercise for a while, Open Lotus classes could be just right for you.

"Yoga doesn't take time, it gives time."

Above is a quote from my teacher, Ganga White of White Lotus Foundation. It is so true!! My experience is that it gives me time in the present, to focus on the now, like no other activity I have ever immersed myself in. When I am teaching a class I am aware that I need to wind it up in the time allotted for my students and lead them through a good sequence, but it happens organically. Yoga may also give you time in the future because of its health benefits and help erase some of the less healthy habits of the past, but mostly it gives you the now - and a wonderful now.*Vinyasa flow denotes a class consisting of traditional yoga asanas (postures or poses) done in an organically flowing sequence that varies by teacher and class inspiration. Other movement styles can be incorporated including Pilates, Tai Chi and dance. Breathing techniques are utilized to link the poses for the most benefit to the body, mind and spirit. No class is ever the same!



JourneyDanceTM: Enjoy guided movement that celebrates and unites body, breath and mind as you go on an empowering journey to self-acceptance and transformation. You'll be shown ideas for movement which you can follow exactly, interpret as your own, or move as you are inspired from within. Private group classes may be scheduled. Call Liz at 919-971-1086.

Sharon Rose at Cirque de Vol
Liz Holt at Cirrque de Vol

Private group classes: Liz is a certified JourneyDance™ teacher and would love to lead you in a movement experience like no other. Explore all seven major energy centers (chakras) in a 90-minute long class including a yoga warm-up and cool-down and guided improvisational dance. Feel energized and free as we take yoga movements off the mat and add movements inspired by dance traditions from around the world. But NO DANCE EXPERIENCE is necessary. Pictured below are Alexis Ingersoll and Liz Holt leading a JourneyDance for children.
Visit to get a taste of this adventure that awaits you. Call Liz to plan a JourneyDance class at Open Lotus Yoga Studio in Cameron Village and/or to discuss options for a class at your location! 3 minimum to 10 maximum people in Open Lotus Studio studio. If you want to hold a class in your space we can figure the maximum together.

Watch a video of JourneyDance with founder, Toni Bergins, at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Healing in Massachusetts.
Photos of JourneyDance at Earthdance, MA by Liz Holt

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Our next half-day mini-retreat will be on Sunday, September 11 from 10am-2pm.

Lunchtime classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays are now 12-1pm both days!

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